Sciences – Pedagogy – Supports

Three keywords that summarize my professional background


The first part of my career was particularly devoted to scientific production, mainly at EPFL and UNIL where I developed a new AFM imaging mode: the stiffness tomography, an open-source signal processing software OpenFovea, and an open-source confocal microscopy image reading library pyLSM.


During the second part of my career, I focused on pedagogy by teaching science in classes for students aged 14 to 25, from secondary I to professional maturity. I also did a little research on the usefulness of Esperanto for dyslexic students and, more generally, for motivation in language learning.


Support is the word that defines the third part of my career. On the one hand as head of the SNSF’s Agora scientific communication funding scheme, as well as internally as a data scientist within my department.

Recent articles

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